Create an Album Cover Artwork In Photoshop

7:33 PM

Create an Album Cover Artwork In Photoshop

Create an Album Cover Artwork In Photoshop

In today's tutorial I am going to show you how to create an album cover artwork in Adobe Photoshop CC. We will learn how to create a background with only one image and then be replicated into several parts and we combine it into a solid composition. So as to produce beautiful artwork I use women models anguish by dazzle stock and we will use techniques such as masking, color adjustments, custom brush, layering textures, filters and typography.

Tutorial Resources:
Anguish by dazzle-stock
Fog Stock 37 by Malleni-Stock
Old book cover1b by GeneralVyse
Blood and Splatter by Falln-Stock

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  1. Dear Mirrom., This is one of the Master Piece and Very simple to follow... Thank you so much for this wonderful sharing and one more request is create a Gold coin and simple logo with golden rounded edges in
    thank you so much


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